About Netek A/S

Netek was founded in 1988, based on the supply of equipment for the wood industry. Our products are well known throughout most of Europe and since its founding more than 700 machines have been manufactured and set up for customers worldwide. Netek started with the development of the current Gas-powered Infrared (IR) drying system in 2000. In 2003, it was documented and approved by the Carl BRO group as a project with support from the Energy System. Netek's Gas Catalytic IR Drying provides a number of exciting benefits and opportunities for manufacturing companies and equipment suppliers working on drying and curing regardless of material and industry. Today, Netek IR System A / S is a company with competencies in the development and sale of products using gas-powered (natural gas, LPG), and electric IR (Infrared Radiation) technology. Netek sells and manufactures both customized and standardized IR solutions, which are delivered to customers globally.


IR technology is used in many different industries for drying and curing coating systems, drying, thawing, heating, plasticization of plastic materials, VOC removal and many other purposes.


Emissions of NOx, CO2, and VOC are significantly reduced with Gas-powered IR technology. The authorities often impose requirements on the extent of permissible VOC emissions, and in many countries taxes have been imposed on emissions of NOx, and therefore there is a strong motivation to reduce emissions.


Compared to other known methods, there are great savings potential in terms of process time, energy consumption, space requirements and, in addition, improvements in the treated surfaces are often achieved.


To ensure that our customers and partners have optimal IR-based solutions by continuing to develop our concepts. This ensures the foundation for a stable and profitable business with a realistic growth potential, which will ensure Netek a preference position among employees, customers and business partners.