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Netek Drying conveyer

The IR radiation plant has been designed for drying and curing of coating on various sizes of structural steel components. The IR radiation plant has been installed inside a newly eretec cabin as part of a complex conveyorized production line. The cabin , has internally been equipped with reflective, galvanized steel sheets. The coating on the objects is heated, dried and cured by gas powered, flameless, catalytic, infrared radiation heaters (CIR = Catalytic Infrared Radiation).

Advantages with Drying conveyor:

  • Space saving compared to conventional drying systems (40 - 70 % reduction)

  • Considerable emission reductions (60 %)

  • Drying time (60-80 % reduction)

  • Flexibility

  • Drying all types of coating, water- or solvent based.

  • Considerable savings of coating products (10-45 %)
  • Energy saving (60-85%)

  • Fast installation

  • DG certification, CE-mark and type approved by the Authorities

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