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Services offered by Netek:

  • Sales and construction of gas catalytic infrared solutions
  • Support integrators with the installation of Thermoreactors® in their furnaces or paint lines
  • Design and manufacture of IR Booster Oven
  • Retrofitting and repair of all types of gas catalytic infrared radiation panels using genuine Netek catalyst
  • Test facility to evaluate the performance of our Thermoreactors®

Test Center

Netek has set up a testing center at its headquarters both to verify the best-fit solutions proposed for specific heat treatments, and to demonstrate, to customers, the efficiency of an oven built with INFRACAT catalytic infrared radiation panels and the higher-performing BOOSTERCAT catalytic radiation panels.


The test center is an area equipped with MFB (Metal fiber Burner) high temperature infrared radiation burners, a powder coating system and a booth for applying wet coating.


The goal of Netek is to offer the best thermal solution: drying, dehydration, heating, drying of wet coating (water or solvent based), liquification and curing of powder coatings and many other applications. Our test center is able to demonstrate optimal processes with the infrared processing and the high quality of the final result, even on products with complex shapes and structures.

Process Improvement

Our goal is to optimize the thermal processes and offer all the necessary support to the customers to introduce high-quality catalytic furnaces and IR radiation systems with low management and maintenance costs.



We offer 24/7 Service Support so you as a customer can always feel safe.

Prices per. 1 of January 2021 for service work performed:

  • Pr. driven kilometer

    DKK 4,85

  • Work Shop hours

    DKK 575,00

  • Driving hours

    DKK 575,00

  • Work hours

    DKK 685,00

  • Certified hours

    DKK 995,00

  • Supervision hours

    DKK 995,00