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Netek solves customers' drying needs for surface treatment of wood, metal and plastic, treated with solvent and water based coatings or powder coating. Our infrared catalytic drying (CIR - Catalytic Infrared Radiation) results in i. e. shorter drying time, less energy consumption and reduced VOC and CO2 emissions.


The technology comes with ATEX approval for use in potentially explosive environments, and can be used regardless of material and industry. Due to this flexibility, most wishes and requirements can be fulfilled.

IR Tecnology and drying systems

Netek provides solutions using gas based infrared technology. The technology comes with ATEX approval for use in potentially explosive enviroments and can be used regardless of material and industry, and because of this flexibility, most wishes and requirements can be met. Netek constantly develops technology and solutions for the most optimal performance of the tasks, focusing on key areas such as reduction of process time, energy optimization, and reduction of emissions. Netek delivers solutions designed according to customer requirements and built on recognized quality components.

The benefits of using CIR drying systems

  • Drying time is reduced by up to 80%
  • Energy saving is up to 80%
  • 60% VOC emission reduction
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 70%
  • Space saving 40-70% for oven systems
  • Mobility associated with in-situ CIR treatment
  • Significant improvement in product features
  • Better cross-linking from 65% to over 95%
  • Type approved (DG-3884)
  • The CE mark
  • ATEX approved (94/9/EC)

Who are our customers

  • Wind Industries
  • The oil and gas industry
  • Marine and shipbuilding industry
  • The steel and metal industry
  • Timber industry
  • Paints- and coatings industry

The green future

When designing our products, our goal is to minimize energy consumption and increase the productivity of our customers. Our catalytic Infrared drying systems are effective over traditional convection based drying systems. Improved productivity, reduced energy consumption, space savings and significantly reduced CO2, VOC and NOx emissions are important features that ensure that the investment is both profitable and enviromentally friendly.


  • CIR = Catalytic Infrared Radiation.
  • The wavelength for catalytic infrared emission is between 2 - 10 µm
  • The best uptake range for lacque, paint and water is 6 – 8 µm
  • Because of the fine compliance, the energy is efficiently transferred to the individual molecule in the varnish
  • This speeds up the drying process
  • The rays significantly increase the cross-linking
  • The paint dries from inside out

Time and energy consumption

Under the heading "From hours to minutes", the magazine “Iron and Machine Industry” in no. 51/2002, talks about Energy savings of between 30 and 90% occur according to the nature of the process. This can mean that the entire production layout can be significantly modified and that the production layout and storage capacity can be opmized. Often, significant improvements are seen in the product features such ad increased adhesion values.