NETEK DRYing Cabin

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NETEK DRYing Cabin

The Drying cabin is an efficient and flexible stand-alone plant, typical for smaller to medium sized production plants, where the painted objects are placed, as a badge, inside the oven and after few minutes curing time, objects are collected again for further processing. The IR proces is not only faster, but also result in a product having a much higher quality, since the curing proces improves the adhesion of the coating and also improves the cross binding inside the coating product, and as a consequence – improves the final product quality.

The Drying cabin is constructed, based on a stable steel structure, and for walls and ceiling we use fire retarded materials (as BS60 approved construction), resulting in a high degree of mechanical stability.


The internal surfaces of the oven enclosure is covered with a layer of reflective galvanized steel for optimal reflexion of the IR beams. The doors are built from metal parts and fire retardent materials (as BS30 approved construction), and can be arranged with hinges or hoist. Both solutions can be equipped with automated open and close function.


Penetrations through ceiling and walls for electric cables and gas pipes are performed gastight, according to relevant legislation. Max. oven temperature coukld go up to 70° C.


The CIR heaters are positioned along walls and ceiling of the enclosure.


The gas system is built from approved components, copper tubing assebled with press fittings. CIR heaters, having ATEX approval, are installed according to relevant legislation and certification. Power- and sensor cables are approved for the temperature level in the oven, and fans are equipped with spark free  inlet.

Advantages for Drying cabin:

  • Space saving compared to conventional drying systems (40 - 70 % reduction)
  • Considerable emission reductions (60 %)
  • Drying time (60-80 % reduction)
  • Flexibility
  • Drying all types of coating, water- or solvent based.
  • Considerable savings of coating products (10-45 %)
  • Energy saving (60-85 %)
  • Fast installation
  • DG certification, CE-mark and type approved by the Authorities