IR radiation products are used for various types of heating applications and processes. The solutions are specifically designed for the individual task and are typically composed from various radiation products, such as: NETEK InfraCat, NETEK BoosterCat, NETEK/IRT Electric IR, NETEK MFB.

  • Faster penetration
  • Faster proces time
  • Polishing straight after coating

Examples of process tasks that NETEK has solved for customers:

Proton, Malaysia (car manufacturer):

Pre-heating of coated moulds – 550o C. med NETEK MFB technology.


Abengoa, Spain:

Test oven for accelerated “cycle test” (30.000 x temp. variation on boiler tubes 400 – 550° C)


Dansteel, Denmark:

Replacement of radiation burners in pre-heat oven (pre-heating of steel plates prior to ball cleaning, and consecutive priming). MFB-teknology having a capacity of 21 x 54 kW.


Skagen Beton, Denmark:

Construction of oven lines for drying of Clinker blocks, as an integral part of the production line for producing patented foundation blocks.


Louis Poulsen, Denmark:

Construction of electrical IR ovens for curing of a specialized coating proces for drying of “ball leaves” for the lamp production.